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In Home Support

For parents who need our Sleep Consultant to personally support you all night and implement your sleep plan for you.

Sleep Consultant & In Home Help


For newborns up to 12 weeks, we will give you a very gentle approach to sleep training with monthly sleep goals, so your little one will sleep longer stretches when they are developmentally ready.

No "cry it out" Sleep Training - Shaping


For children 4 months and older, together we will solve your family's sleep struggles.  We will develop a gentle sleep coaching plan to get your entire family sleeping 

MSD Baby Sleep Coach is dedicated to helping families with young children learn independent sleeping skills through education, encouragement and support. Every family and child has a unique situation and there is no one size fits all. We take great care in customizing your sleep training and offer extensive support until your desired goals are reached.

Certified Gentle Sleep Consultant