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We are so happy Michelle was recommended to us by a good friend. We were at our wits end and so ready to get our strong-willed co-sleeping 14 month old into a consistent routine and sleeping through the night in his own crib. After our consultation with Michelle, we immediately felt motivated and RELIEVED! Help was on the way! On the phone, Michelle spent a lot of time getting to know our toddler - his current patterns, personality, and our goals for sleep. Michelle supported us through the entire process with her check-in calls. The answers to our questions were always very thorough-helping us understand the science behind sleep as well. Our toddler was sleeping through the night (without a peep!) after a few weeks - an amazing success for our stubborn little guy!  Of course there are hiccups (teething, traveling, and sickness) but because of the training, he is able to get back into his routine quickly - and back to getting the sleep he needs. My husband and I both believe it was the best money we have ever spent!? Amanda Ester - Mason ​

What a happy boy our son is with GOOD SLEEP!  Thanks to Michelle our sleep coach, our son went from multiple night wakings and early rising to sleeping through from 7pm to 7am.  He can put himself to sleep at night anywhere, including the hospital or a friend's house.  People always comment what a good sleeper he is!  Currently, Michelle is helping us with some problems at nap time that have just come up and this is improving the associated bad behavior issues.

Thank you, Michelle!  Cynthia Booth, MD Ob/Gyn (mom of 6 mo. old)

Our daughter was 11 months old and waking up as many as 8-10 times a night when we met Michelle. Our family was in dire need of sleep. We read loads of sleep books and talked with several other coaches and experts – over the phone, via email, and in person – and we tried nearly every method. Nothing was working. That all changed when we talked to Michelle. She thanked us for entrusting our family to her. We worked together to teach our (very stubborn) little one how to sleep on her own and sleep through the night. Within a few weeks, we saw dramatic results: better sleep restored balance to our family.  Danah D. (mom of 11 mo. old)

I was desperate for a solution when I contacted Michelle.  She helped us tweak our bedtime routine to incorporated his sensory diet needs (he has Sensory Processing) and encouraged us every step of the way through sleep training.  He now falls asleep quickly at bedtime and naptime, and he doesn’t have any nightwakings!  Before sleep training he’d only slept through the night 2-3 times in his life.  Traveling is much less intimidating, and if he were to get sick, I know that we have a sleep plan in place to get him back on track.  My only regret is not contacting Michelle sooner!  Erin P.  (mom of 18 mo. old twins)

Until I worked with Michelle, I had nursed my 2 1/2 year old daughter to sleep in our bed every night of her life (and most naptimes too).  I consider myself an "Attachment Parenting"-style parent, and I couldn't see how I could ever change this nursing to sleep pattern without completely traumatizing my daughter, so I was so grateful when  Michelle helped us create a very gentle plan that has totally worked!  On our very first night implementing the plan, my daughter fell asleep within 30 minutes and hardly cried at all! My husband and I were right there next to her, so I knew she wasn't being traumatized.  More than a month later, she now goes to sleep by herself (after our lovely, 15-20-minute bedtime routine) every night.  This has been a miracle for my family and a lifesaver for me.  We could not have done it without Michelle's help. I cannot thank her  enough, and I would recommend her to anyone.  She is very professional and was always respectful of our desire to continue co-sleeping and nursing (only during the day though!).  Ayn C. (mom of 2 1/2 yr. old)

Our sleep situation for our 3 month old involved a lot of props (bouncing, rocking for up to an hour and wearing to sleep for entire naps…it seemed pretty dire to overtired first time parents).  We wanted our son to be able to sleep independently but we weren’t ready to have him cry it out. At our first meeting, Michelle showed us how we actually disturbed his sleep and he immediately slept for 1.5 hours - a first ever!  Michelle is a find!  She laid out a plan to maximize his sleep (day and night) using gently non-cry it out techniques.  Now at 5 months, he is a great and independent sleeper! Michelle is very helpful and encouraging. Kat B. (mom of a 3 mo.)

With two children under my belt and no sleep issues I thought it would be just as easy with my third child.  With my last child I had to hold him in my arms until he feel asleep and then place him in his crib.  I couldn't even have a sitter put him to bed, so he waited until we got home.  With Michelle's help and guidance, in less than a week, my son would take a nap and go to bed on his own, without me having to hold him. Michelle offers a great service and I can personally vouch for her effectiveness.  She did a fantastic job helping us improve our child's sleep habits.  I recommend her to any parent struggling with this same issue!  Gina T.  (mom of an 18 mo. old)

Before beginning the sleep program with Michelle, my 6 month-old daughter was waking up every 2-3 hours at night. It would take her 1-2 hours to fall back asleep, she screamed and cried when we would try to put her in her crib, and she had never taken a nap in her crib.  After completing the sleep program with Michelle all of our goals were met and exceeded. My daughter now sleeps through the night in her own room, she takes 2 long naps everyday, and she can soothe herself to sleep in 15 minutes or less. There are no more tears or screaming and bedtime has actually become something that we look forward to.  I highly recommend Michelle’s gentle sleep training, not only is she a caring and great person, but her coaching techniques really work. If you stick with the program and be consistent it will all pay off in the end! Thank you Michelle!  Lindsey S., Nurse Practitioner (Mom of a 6mo)

It has been a looong road, but I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you were there for us during this tough transition. Today, as I put my son to bed, he cheerfully said "I love you! Good night!" as I walked out of his room. That we are at this point is thrilling to me, and we couldn't have done it without your help!!  I don't worry about his sleep anymore. And more importantly, bedtime is not terrifying and anxiety inducing for anyone in the family anymore!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Janet S. (Mom of a 2 yr old crib jumper and at the time 9 months pregnant)

I have boy/girl twins who are going to be 5 months next week. When they were about a month old, I contacted Michelle for advice (trying to be proactive).  Michelle gave us so much useful advice and tips regarding sleep schedules.  She also gave us advice about feeding issues. We have one perfect eater and one who likes to take his  time.  All of the advice and the schedule to follow have proved invaluable to us.  At this point, the babies are usually in bed around 8PM and they have one dream feed later in the evening. Otherwise, they rarely wake up until 5AM. Sometime between now and 7 months, we will eliminate the dream feed. I’m sure we will be needing more advice then. Thanks Michelle!  Tracy M. (mom of a 5mo. old twins)

I love the fact that my child sleeps through the night in his own bed and doesn’t need me to do it.  He goes down every night between 7-7:30pm and sleeps till 6:45am.  There is no more fighting to get him down.   Michelle was very supportive.  My child got sick and I kept him in my bed because he had extremely high fevers for a few days.  She helped me get right back on track once he was better. She was not judgmental when I explained that my babysitter was having a hard time with naps, so we postponed until my summer break when I could work with him. She helped me get him off the bottle in three days!  I found sleep training a great experience for both my son and myself.  I highly recommend it to any single mom like myself who is struggling to do what is best for their child and themselves.  We need our sleep.  Keri F. (mom of a 15 mo old)

Michelle, our lives changed after working with you. You helped us teach our daughter how to go to sleep without nursing and sleep through the night. 11 months of bad habits dramatically changed in a few weeks.  D.D. (mom of a 11 mo. old)

She went to sleep at 726pm last night and woke up a few times - BUT put herself back to sleep then did not wake until 720am!!!  I am ready to conquer the world.  Thank you again sleep fairy. M.N. (mom of 6 mo. old)

Thanks again for your amazingly wonderful help ... I now know with your help all (sleep) things are possible! A.C. (mom of a 2 1/2 yo. old)

We had no idea my daughter's sleep issues were due to sleep apnea. Without the help of Michelle we never would have known. She's been sleeping through the night now for almost 3 months!! We are so grateful to you, Michelle!! Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude! K.P. (mom of a 3 yo. old)

I'm so happy that we worked with you on her sleep, because she now goes down for bed and naps without crying or rocking. I never thought it could be so good! G.M. (mom of a 12 mo. old)

You took the guesswork out of sleep training. We talked through every step of the way and decided what was best for our daughter and what was feasible for us to implement. The follow-ups and continuous tweaking were very helpful. Every detail was addressed flawlessly. D.D. (mom of a 12 mo. old

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